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Trailer For 'Cats' Is Fabulous and The Internet Is Freaking Out

The 'CATS' musical is amazing. Now there is a movie with Jennifer Hudson? The trailer blew my mind. This movie tells the story but differently then if you saw the musical, 'CATS' and I cannot wait to see this masterpiece!

The trailer received mixed reviews from fans on Twitter. I got over the cat-human hybrid costumes after a few seconds. Just go to #cats.

Yet Reuter's provides some great details about the movie and what we can expect!

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"The movie, to be released in December, features Taylor Swift in her first film role, along with Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba and James Corden.

The film uses the actors' faces and covers their bodies in computer-generated fur as they sing and dance on a larger than life set."

Some fans are saying it may give them nightmares but in an "Alice in Wonderland" kind of way. Tell us what you think!

Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit stage musical has some of the best music, lyrics, and characters in any musical I've seen so I'm sure this production is feeling a lot of pressure.

How awesome that Rebel Wilson is in this production? If it's anything like Les Miserables than we're all in for a special treat and there haven't been a ton of great movies released lately. The characters really do look like actual cats. And social media will always be a little harsh, right? The digital fur technology only takes a few seconds to get used to and it looks like the Broadway musical.

What are thoughts on this? Do you love the music? Please comment below! 

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