Jake Hofer

Experiment Leaves Trail Camera Untouched on Public Land for 365 Days

What happens when you leave a trail camera on public land for a whole year?

A lot can be learned from leaving a trail camera in the woods, but even more can be learned when leaving it completely undisturbed for an entire year.

Jeff Sturgis was hunting a piece of public land and placed a trail camera in southern Ohio last fall. Fast forward to this fall and the camera had recorded videos from an entire year. Listen to what they saw and what can be learned from 12 months of deer data.

Watch the video below:

First of all, it's great to see the camera wasn't nabbed or tampered with for an entire year on public land. That could be a feat in itself.

Trail cameras can help in allocating precious hunting time based on the data the cameras provide. For this particular spot, it was clear which area was a rut spot with heavy traffic.

Don't forget to use lithium batteries when running trail cameras during cold temperatures and extended periods of time. They last extremely long and provide a much higher level of performance.