Trail Cam Tuesday

Trail Cam Tuesday: 15 New Captures Submitted by Our Readers

Check out this week's awesome trail camera submissions.

Each week, we feature a selection of cool trail camera captures that you, our loyal readers, submit to us.

We don't only look for the biggest bucks, although we do love those captures. We also like to showcase the funny, unusual and interesting footage you stumble upon.

Would you like to see your trail camera captures featured? Send them along to me at [email protected]. Please include your state/province, and make sure video submissions are shareable and embeddable, preferably from YouTube or Facebook.

Here's a selection of the submissions you sent us this week:

Evening stroll

Jake D.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Grouse gang (video)

Robert Bush

Cruising altitude

Ben E.

Trail Cam Tuesday


Gwen C.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Speed demon

Stacy S.

That annoying itch

Earl C.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Chowing down

Lonnie J.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Extreme selfie

John M.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Late night snack

Gary D.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Something's just not right

Jeff & Gina S.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Ghost road

Shawn W.

Trail Cam Tuesday

What you looking at?

Mike M.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Forest flasher

Carrie O.

Trail Cam Tuesday


Nicholas C.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Here comes trouble

Nate D.

Trail Cam Tuesday

And here's one of my favorite clips from my own trail cam archives:

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