trail cam tuesday
Earl B.

Trail Cam Tuesday: 10 Cool Captures Submitted By Our Readers

Check out these awesome trail cam submissions for the week. 

Each week we will be featuring a selection of cool trail cam captures, in both image and video format, that are submitted by you, our loyal readers.

We're not only looking to feature the "biggest bucks," although we LOVE those captures, but also want to showcase the funny, unusual, and interesting footage you stumble upon.

Would you like to see your trail cam captures featured? Send them along to me at: [email protected] Please include your state/province, and make sure video submissions are shareable and embeddable, preferably from YouTube or Facebook.

Here's a selection of the submissions you sent us this week:

Bear crossing

Earl B. - North Carolina

trail cam tuesday

Beast in the night

Todd W. - Oklahoma

trail cam tuesday

And for my next trick...

Ryan P. - Northern Minnesota

trail cam tuesday

Sprouting velvet

Gary K. - Michigan

trail cam tuesday

Working the licking branch

Rob B. - Oklahoma

trail cam tuesday

Two's a crowd

Sally N. - Western Massachusetts

trail cam tuesday

Mooning the lens

Justin Z. - Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

trail cam tuesday

Spying neighbor

Ken M. - Henderson, East Texas

Frozen fluttering

Keith M. - Minnesota

Gossip at the water cooler

Mike P. - Michigan

And here's a favorite clip from my own trail cam archives:

If you'd like to see your trail cam captures featured, just email them to me at: [email protected]

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