Witches eating deer carcass from trail cam
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Trail Cam Catches 'Witches' Eating Deer Carcass and Hoof

Cam owner wasn't sure if the pair were “kissing [the carcass], smelling it, or eating it."

When Corinea Stanhope and her grandfather Bob set up a trail cam on a deer carcass near their house, they were hoping to see some wildlife.

And, boy, did they: In addition to capturing a bobcat, the trail cam footage showed two half-naked figures bent over the deer carcass, picking at its flesh and mouthing a deer hoof.

Stanhope, 36, of Powell River, British Columbia, said she interpreted the images as "two witches holding a carcass-eating ritual." The pictures aren't crystal clear, but a man and woman can be seen in what appear to be black wigs and loin cloths doing something to the carcass.

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Stanhope told Kennedy News she wasn't sure if the pair were "kissing it, smelling or eating it," but "to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick — the amount of bacteria that must have been on there."

Social media has, of course, gone crazy over the images. Commenters have speculated that these images show a demonic ritual or that the pair are flesh-and-blood demons, skinwalkers, or even wendigos — Native American spirits that possess and turn people into cannibals.

Witches eating deer carcass from trail cam

Kennedy News and Media

To Stanhope, the eerie, horror movie-like images are one thing, but she was especially "creeped" out because the deer dining was just two minutes from her house.

After some online commenters suggested this was footage of a demonic cult, Stanhope added that there are in fact rumors around town about a cult that collects animal bones, though she doesn't know whether that's true.

However, Stanhope did add, "The horses always get really spooked and unnerved around that area."

There is an alternative theory Stanhope is banking on: "I'm hoping they went for a walk in the day, saw the trail cam was set up and wanted to have a bit of fun with us or they're on some good drugs."