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Bald Eagle and Coyote Scrap Over Deer Carcass in Montana Wilderness

Eagle vs Coyote
YouTube: Whitetail Deer

Who wins in eagle vs coyote?

Two of North America's more impressive predators are the coyote and the eagle. They are two very different animals that just happen to have diets that are nearly identical. Still, it is not very often that we get to see these two species interacting with one another.

While both animals are more than capable of capturing their own prey, they are also both noted scavengers that will not turn down a free meal if it just happens to be laying in the forest.

In this amazing piece of trail camera footage out of Montana, both an eagle and a coyote have found the same deer carcass in the forest. Both want it and they are more than willing to fight over it. What results next is two minutes of fascinating footage as both animals try to gain an edge over one another.

That is one brave coyote to be bold enough to try and steal an eagle's snack like that. Granted, it helps that this looks to be an extremely large coyote. Still, eagles have shown themselves to be more than capable of killing coyotes in the past, so the predator was taking a chance running in there and stealing away with the whole carcass like that.

It seems a little unclear who ended up with the carcass, but it looked like the eagle was relenting towards the end of the video. We suspect it decided tangling with the coyote was not worth the risk of injury. It is summer after all, and this is not a struggle to survive the colder months just yet.

This is yet another reason why we love trail cameras. In the past, an encounter like this would have gone unseen and unknown to humans. Now, we get a little extra peek into the lives of wild animals that we would not have enjoyed previously. It is a great way to learn more about the creatures we share this world with.

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Bald Eagle and Coyote Scrap Over Deer Carcass in Montana Wilderness