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Canadian Whitetail/Facebook

Trail Cam Captures Pics of Coyotes Killing Trophy Buck

Nature taking its course or proof for predator control?

We all know deer management is necessary to ensure sustainability for the species. Part of this initiative relies on predator control as a means to save our favorite animal. We also know that nature isn't one big Disney movie and that survival of the fittest also comes into play. So, what are your thoughts after seeing the following images?

Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail posted these trail camera pics to their Facebook page Dec. 13. They show a group of coyotes mauling a big mature buck.

They also shared the story behind them with the following post:

"This graphic series of photo's show a buck being killed by multiple coyotes. Justin has several years history with this deer and had called him 'Browser'. The buck has also been featured on the show in the past and it is actually a deer that we had filmed while hunting in Alberta just this September. Dead is dead, and this is just nature doing its thing, but this is much more tragic for the deer than the quick zip of an arrow or bullet. Something to show the next person you run into who thinks the forest is just a bunch of fuzzy animals all frolicking around together as friends having tea parties and that feels that hunting is wrong...

It's hard to imagine that the coyotes can bring down a big mature buck like this in the prime of his life, but we see it all the time. Just think, if they can do this, what chance does a fawn have? Unfortunately we will not see what potential Browser had.

Predator control is one of the best methods of deer management, we shoot coyotes all year round, and trap through the winter. I believe it saves a lot of deer."

And here's Browser pictured in trail cam photos during better times:

Here some of the comments that came later:

We'd love to hear your thoughts: Nature simply taking its course or graphic proof that predator control is necessary?

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