grizzly bear

Tourists in Canada Walk Right up to Grizzly Bear to Get Pictures

Head-shaking video captured in Alberta shows the risks people will take to get a selfie with a grizzly bear.

Tourists from the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia were as happy as anyone to get an up-close look at a grizzly bear near Banff National Park in early July 2017, but their experience was one of shock and awe when they saw how the other people in the area at the time treated the sighting.

Mark Sawlor told the Global News:

"People brought their kids and walked up, right to the fence, and brought their kids up to the fence. People turned their back to the bear. All kinds of just craziness."

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Two women in this video could be seen getting as close as they could to the bear with only a chain link fence in between them.

The two women can even be seen following the bear trying to keep up with it and get more pictures. Others can clearly be seen following along the roadside.

Visitors to Banff get explicit instructions on how to navigate bear and other wildlife encounters. Thinking that some chain link fence could stop a grizzly charge a rookie move and one of the reasons why bear-human encounters can be deadly.

A Public Affairs Officer for Justice and Solicitor General's office was quoted as saying,

"We advise that people should always be in groups of five of more, carry several cans of bear spray and air horns. When walking or biking, make lots of noise so as not to surprise a bear, and keep dogs on a leash. More info is available at By being BearSmart, members of the public can greatly reduce the chances that bears will become habituated to humans, thereby reducing the likelihood of dangerous bear behavior."