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Alaskan Grizzly Takes a Spirited Charge at SUV [VIDEO]

grizzly bear charge
Cody Kunau/YouTube

Even from the ‘safety’ of an SUV, this grizzly bear charge would be scary as all heck!

What’s with all the bear encounters we’re hearing about this year? Definitely more than usual, and unfortunately, that often means bad news for the bears. Same can be said for humans if an encounter turns deadly. (For a list of fatal black bear attacks over the last twenty years in North America, click HERE.)

For Cody Kunau, a 32-year-old fishing guide at the Yakutat Lodge in Southeast Alaska, an encounter with a charging grizzly on an Alaskan road was one of the scariest moments of his life – but made for one heck of a thrilling video. Here’s the encounter in Kunau’s own words taken from the description in his YouTube video:

“My name is Cody Kunau and I am a fishing guide for the Yakutat Lodge based in Yakutat Alaska. On July 2nd, my friend Samantha and I were driving to the lodge for dinner when we encountered a bear far ahead in the road. This is a somewhat normal occurrence for here. Usually, the bears run off and catching a close up glimpse is hard. We slowed our vehicle down to where we saw the bear cross the road when suddenly it erupted from the bushes and came after our vehicle. After this incident, we turned back around to see what was making the bear so agitated. We could see no cubs, no kill, or anything that would make this bear behave the way it did. It charged us again so we went to the lodge to warn everyone of the incident. This is a popular road in town located maybe 500 yards from the lodge so we wanted to let people know not to walk or bike there. In the rear view mirror we witnessed the bear also chase another vehicle that passed by after us without the occupants even knowing They were heading to our lodge for dinner too.Even though I was in a car, it was one of the scariest moments of my life!”

Here’s the video:

Slightly unnerving, right? What are your thoughts on why the bear charged? Cubs hidden in the brush? Predatory instinct? A fan of playing chicken with cars?

It does make you wonder the outcome if someone happened upon this bear while riding a bike. Hmmm.

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Alaskan Grizzly Takes a Spirited Charge at SUV [VIDEO]