Tourists for the Super Bowl Captivated By Ice Fishing

Ice fishing isn't for everybody. These people are finding that out the hard way. 

For most of us in the Midwest, ice fishing is as normal of a pastime as deer hunting or mushroom hunting. However, not everybody is as used to this kind of fishing as others. With Minnesota being a mecca of incredible ice fishing opportunities from late fall to early spring, there's little doubt its a big draw. Nothing draws as much attention as the Super Bowl, which is in Minnesota today, but it appears ice fishing is coming in at a very close second.

Business is booming for the winter-time fishing business with the big game in town. People are arriving from all over the world to be a part of the experience, and many of them need something to do before kickoff. A little bit of strategic advertising has been putting more people on the ice this year than perhaps ever before.

Thankfully, with 20-plus inches of ice on most lakes, there shouldn't be any accidents.