gold tip arrow torture test

The Torture Test: Can Your Arrows do This?

Gold Tip compares arrow shafts with competitors' in the Torture Test. Find out how they held up.

This year, the ATA Show was one for the books. It was my first year in attendance and such an eye opener. Getting a look at the speed of innovation in the archery and hunting industry as a whole is a true "in awe" moment.

While walking around, I was able to meet and talk with representatives from a number of great brands. One of the booths I wasn't able to stop at, but watched from a distance, was the Gold Tip booth. There, they displayed their newest arrows to hit the market, including the first factory four-fletched arrow, the Gold Tip Valkyrie. I currently shoot the Valkyrie, and it is without a doubt one of my favorite arrows I've ever shot, plus it doesn't break the bank as compared to competitors' prices.

At the Gold Tip booth was Tim Gillingham showing the Gold Tip arrows against their competitors. In the video below, you will see one of the tests Gold Tip put their arrows through against it's competitors and the results are quite impressive.

Tim also shared with us the stress-and-spin test. Here, he would take and show a spin test of each shaft then he would put stress on each arrow by bending it slightly. To the surprise of many of us, the Gold Tip shafts showed no variance, while other shafts showed some. Some arrows showed more than others and a couple took a few extra bends to fail in the spin test. Gold Tip's arrow shafts held up the best of all.

The tests, as you can see in the video, show all different shaft sizes and brands. No other shaft withheld the torture test like the Gold Tip shafts did and that is mostly due to Gold Tip's shafts being 100% carbon. An impressive test for sure and probably one of the greatest marketing and promoting strengths as far as arrow shafts go.

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