BBQ Grilled Wild Venison steak on wooden board. Gray background. Top view.
Getty Images, Vladimir Mironov

6 Tasty Venison Tenderloin Recipes Your Family Will Rave About

Cook up the tastiest cut of the deer in the tastiest way with one of these crowd-pleasing venison tenderloin recipes.

Though deer meat can be butchered and cooked in countless venison recipes, many hunters look forward most to their first dish using tenderloin. By definition, tenderloin is one of the most tender cuts of deer meats, and offers arguably the best flavor of any venison. Venison tenderloin recipes are also especially popular during the holiday season—which coincidentally falls right after you harvest your first deer of the year.

Wild game meat is one of the greatest parts of being an outdoors enthusiast, and cooking venison dishes using seasonal produce such as pomegranates, pears, and apples to serve to your family is a no-brainer. But the perfect venison recipe varies with each household, which is why we've offered six venison tenderloin recipes to choose from. Whether it's someone's first time trying deer meat or their umteenth venison meal, these options are sure to delight.

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