Top 5 Non-Firearms That Make Useful "Sidearms"

Sometimes you can't carry a gun.

Maybe it is impractical, illegal or strongly frowned upon by those around you, and you don't want to be the "deplorable" in the room.

Whatever the reason, it is still a good idea to have some sort of weapon for self defense. It's a scary, dangerous world out there and trouble can happen at any second in any location or situation.

But, there are many common items that can be used as "sidearms" when you don't have a real firearm. Here are five seemingly innocuous items that don't raise suspicion, but can also inflict server damage when wielded properly.

1. Knives

Whether it's a small folding pocket knife, a belt buckle knife, a spring-loaded lock blade folding knife, or a set of throwing knives tucked in your boot, having quick access to this weapon could be the difference between life and death.

A large fixed blade bowie or survival knife hanging from your belt might make folks around you a little nervous, so it is always better to keep your knife or knives concealed. You should be the only person that knows you have one.

You should also learn basic knife fighting techniques and visualize how you will deploy the weapon if a sticky situation arises.

2. Keys

Everybody carries keys, but not many people think of them as effective self defense weapons.

Placing the wide end of your longest key in the palm of your hand and making a fist with the narrow end sticking out in-between your second the third fingers can act as a puncture weapon on a would-be attacker.

Simply hit the attacker with your fist in areas of soft tissue and you will instantly become the aggressor and more than likely thwart any personal attacks on you. When walking around, you can position your keys as described above while your hand is in your pocket. Nobody will know you are 100% prepared for trouble.

3. Credit Card

Seriously. A credit card placed across your palm and then bent slightly lengthwise into a curve to give it incredible stability will easily cut and puncture an attacker's skin.

Take a credit card out of your wallet right now and hold it as shown in the photo below. Then, test it by hitting a cardboard box or a pumpkin or watermelon - all of which simulates the the puncture pressure of human skin - and look at the thin crescent "wound" left in the target.

This is an amazingly effective weapon that, like keys, can be held at the ready in your hand while your hand is in your pocket.

4. Belt

Belts aren't weapons, right? Wrong.

Belts with large buckles - or even small buckles - can be deployed quickly and allow you to maintain some distance from your attacker while inflicting painful damage. Simply hold the belt by the non-buckle end and swing it.

The buckle as well as the notch pin will perform like the business end of a classic mace. Of course, you may need to be careful that your pants don't fall down around your ankles while beating the crap out of your attacker with your belt mace.

But, showing your boxers or briefs is better than being a victim, right?

5. Flashlight

Super bright, high lumen LED flashlights are now being made very small and lightweight. They fit easily in any pocket or purse and can be effective in two ways. When you shine them in the eyes of attackers they will temporarily blind the bad guys allowing you to either run like hell or close the distance to turn the tables.

Also, many modern super bright flashlights have a strobe feature that can disorient scumbags. In addition, when held tightly, the flashlight can act as a small battering ram that can potentially cut flesh or even crack a cranial bone. So, light up an attacker's life and overwhelm him when he thinks you are an easy mark.

Weapons are everywhere. Be a Boy Scout and always be prepared.