Gamo P-900

Top 5 Air Pistols for Trigger Control Practice

I love air pistols. They are cheap, surprisingly fun to shoot, and a great way to practice shooting basics, your aim, and squeezing the trigger.

All of this without recoil makes air pistol shooting a pleasurable experience even for young shooters as well as experienced ones. So, if you don't own one, do yourself a favor and grab one from this list.

1. Gamo P-900

gamo p-900

The P-900 is my preferred air pistol. The price (around $60) makes it pretty appealing if you're looking to get started with an air pistol. The gun is also extremely accurate for its size. This gun is also powerful enough to be used as on small game as I have used it on several squirrels.

2. Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol

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The Benjamin Trail NP Break Air Pistol  is another great pistol. I love the break action style so I don't have to fumble with CO2 cartridges. That's just my preference. This pistol fires a .177 at 625 FPS, so it is more than powerful enough to take down small game as well. The long rifled barrel also makes this gun surprisingly accurate.

3. Umarex 2254821 TDP 45 410

Umarex 2254821 TDP 45 410

If you like the CO2 canisters, this is one of the better ones. The gun holds up to 19 rounds and fires at 410 FPS. This gun should be more than able to suit your small game needs as well.

4. Daisy 980415-242 Hunting Pistol

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Another CO2-powered pistol. It's also super cheap; under $30 for a 500 fps is a great deal. Not to mention it's a Daisy, which is most likely the manufacturer of the first BB gun you ever owned. Nostalgia points.

5. Browning 800 Express Air Pistol

Browning 800 Express Air Pistol

Now, if you want to spend money, Browning is the way to go. While definitely not cheap, starting at 130 bucks, you get what you pay for with this brand. This gun puts pellets on target, and it does it at 700 fps. The grip is amazingly comfortable for all-day plinking sessions.