These Are the Tools You Need for a Good Spring Clean Up

Whether at home or in the woods, spring clean up can be a chore.

Better have the right tools to get the job done.

These four picks are perfect for your spring clean up duties.

1. Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Tough Pole Saw

Those hard-to-reach branches that came down in your shooting lanes during deer season or blocked the view from your backyard are no match for this tough expandable pole saw. Leave the ladder in the garage and pack this handy tool instead.

2. HQ ISSUE Trail Cutter Machete

When brush just has to go, this tool has all the authority to get it done. With a machete blade, a brush hook, and a saw edge, you can tame that hunting trail or the garden.

3. Poulman Pro 20" Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Sometimes you just need more power! Crank up a chainsaw to get the job done faster and to save you some serious pain the next day.

4. Grip-On Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Keep that chainsaw sharp with the Grip-On Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. Get the job done safe and easy, and avoid the extra cost of taking it in to get professionally sharpened.