5 Chopping Axes Every Outdoorsman Will Want to Own 

A good axe is indeed the original woodsman's multi-tool.

Axes are the ultimate implement. From making shelters to butchering game, they do it all.

These five chopping axes will be quite handy afield.

1. Swiss Military Hand Hatchet

The military surplus selection from Sportsman's Guide offers many great deals. A Swiss military surplus hatchet is priced right and gets the job done well.

2. Condor Woodworker Axe

If you're chopping wood or needing to accomplish other camp chores, this dedicated axe with a sharp high carbon blade and a American Hickory handle is ready for the woods.

3. Schrade Hatchet and Machete Combo

Buy a hatchet and get a machete too? Yep, it's true, and at a pretty great price. Choose which you prefer to chop away with.

4. Camillus Ravenous Tactical Tomahawk

Though it isn't a true axe by some definitions, a tomahawk is still awesome. With a touch of old school but made from modern space age materials, this tactical tomahawk is ready to do battle with any task.

5. MTech USA Traditional Stainless Steel Camping Axe

A tough stainless steel camping axe is all that's needed in many cases. Now that axe will have a pile of kindling ready for any campfire or wood stove quickly.