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Toilet-Dwelling Snake Gets a New Home

toilet dwelling snake

What's your biggest fear?

For many, it's probably a giant snake coming up out of a toilet.

In a video The Dodo shared on Facebook, we see a man save the life of a toilet-dwelling snake.

People Rescue Snake Stuck In A Toilet

These people found a GIANT SNAKE IN THE TOILET 😱 "That is your worst nightmare."

The Dodo 发布于 2018年1月13日周六

Many people may not know that it's possible to find a snake in the toilet. It happens somewhat often actually, especially in older homes. You might want to take a minute and look before you drop down to your fully seated position. This snake was rescued and set free in a safe location away from the house.

What else can come up through your toilet? My grandfather had a squirrel try that trick one time, but a slammed lid and a flush sent that little red squirrel onward and outward.

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Toilet-Dwelling Snake Gets a New Home