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Better Watch Your Step in Rattlesnake Country...

watch your step in rattlesnake country

When hitting the wilds, watch out for these slithery foes.

One rattlesnake bite can ruin your day and possibly end your life. Witness why you better watch your step in rattlesnake country, or else.

Turkey seasons are upon us and many hunters are bopping through the woods looking for that big gobbler. Thoughts are of plump birds and not slithering menaces. Well better watch where you step.

In this video shared on Facebook by Kim Kenneth Kelley we follow a seasoned rattlesnake hunter. He knows where the snakes are and shows us why it would be very dangerous not to watch for rattlers while out in the wilds. He catches some really big poisonous snakes that could certainly kill a man or woman with one strike.

While out in the woods and wilds places this spring and summer remember you are sharing the area with some heavy hitters. Those rattlesnakes certainly don't want to be bothered with you and have foul tempers. Watch your steps out their and be safe.


Better Watch Your Step in Rattlesnake Country...