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"Tim The Tiny Cow" Hits The Town Alongside The Dogs

What's cuter than a mini cow? One that walks with dogs!

Miniature cows have long been pet owners' favorite farm animals. They are absolutely adorable and stay the size of a baby cow. How can you go wrong with something so sweet?! Many mini cow owners say theirs is their best friend and share such a special bond that many cows live alongside dogs in their pet family.

One cow and dog owner enjoys taking her bovine out on dog walks with the pups, which brings us to a very special cow named Tim. He dons a leash and heads out alongside the dogs for their morning walk like he is one of the pups. Now, you won't see large animals out on leashes very often, but this little guy really is the cutest! I don't know how you could walk by him and not want to give him a cuddle. In the TikTok video, Tim leads the way as he and his canine crew head out for a walk about town.

Tiny Cow Walk With Dogs


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These days, all sorts of critters are sporting leashes and heading out on walks, just like dogs. Bunnies, cats, and exotic pets are commonly seen with harnesses on going for a stroll, but this is the first time I've seen a cow on a leash. Tim seems to thoroughly enjoys the experience, too. He leads the way down the street, not needing the dogs in front. The adorable little moo cow even likes to run every now and then while they are out for their walk.

Tim makes sure to stop and smell the flowers and then eat them while walking. Then, after his mile walk through town, he returns home to get his fly mask on and be a cow for the rest of the day.

I'm pretty sure Tim just increased our obsession with miniature cattle!

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