Bowfishing Sharks

Tim Wells Channels His Inner "Quint" on Shark Bowfishing Adventure

Is this how "Jaws" should have gone?

When it comes to primitive weapons used in unique new ways for hunting, Tim Wells is no stranger. We have seen him use everything from a bow to a blowgun on a variety of big game animals across North America over the years.

Today, he's taking his talents with primitive weapons out onto the open ocean in Louisiana. More specifically, he's headed out on an airboat bowfishing for sharks and he also has a harpoon on board to help aid with the harvest.

It's a rather unusual way to pursue sharks and the hunt gets off to a slow start and turns into an all-night fruitless effort to locate one of these toothy ocean predators. Come morning, he finds himself surrounded by sharks and it doesn't take him long to smoke one with the bow. Because of the tactics used, this hunt turns into an unofficial sequel to "Jaws" in a hurry.

Most shark hunts we've seen in the past involve hooks and lines. This was a far more unconventional and challenging approach given the water conditions and the proximity to the boat the shark needed to be at before making the shot.

However, Tim does a good job of channeling his inner "Quint" here. So, this is what Robert Shaw's character meant to do with those famous floating barrels in that movie. Of course, it worked out far better here for this shark than it did the 25-foot beast made from movie magic.

Once again Tim shows that he is the master of throwing the spear with an excellent throw to help bring this shark in and finish the job. We have seen him spear everything from feral hogs to raccoons and even African big game before, but a shark was a new one on us. We can't wait to see what species he tackles next with primitive hunting gear.

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