Tiger Kills Hog
YouTube: brandon white

Tiger Cub Ambushes and Eats a Wild Boar at a Water Hole

Getting fresh pork is one of the benefits of hog hunting. Well, tigers are apparently on the same page.

You love bacon. I love bacon. You probably love bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? As it turns out, tigers love it too.

In this video, a young female tiger is sitting waiting in a mud hole when an unsuspecting wild boar wanders by. Working quickly, she springs into action to fulfill her quest for some free-range bacon.

Watch the video below:


As stated before, the tiger is a young female, and probably doesn't have the proper killing technique down just yet, which is why it took her so long to subdue the hog. That was a bit difficult to watch, but this is what tigers do best. Those tourists you could hear in the background got a front row seat to the food chain in action. Once she latched those big jaws into that hog's hide. It wasn't letting go. It's telling, especially because wild hogs are some of the toughest animals in nature. This is why you never want to mess around with a tiger.

Even though she is not fully grown and is a relatively inexperienced hunter, that hog never even stood a chance. Not bad for a "cub!" Just imagine what she'll be able to do once she's fully grown and has some more hunting experience under her belt.

Life is tough out in the wild. However, this is the way things are. And we're willing to bet a population of wild tigers really helps control the hog population in that area.

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