Tiger Shark vs Hammerhead
YouTube: National Geographic

Tiger Shark Battles Hammerhead After Freeing It From Angler's Hook

This hammerhead doesn't stand a chance against a tiger shark.

Sharks are the ocean's greatest predators for a reason. Anything and everything can be on the menu given the right opportunity. It's little wonder they have such a fearsome reputation throughout history. One that was sullied a bit thanks to horror movies like Jaws showing them in an unfair light. Because these animals rarely target humans. Most attacks are cases of mistaken identity with natural prey.

However, if you're another shark, there is always the possibility of ending up on the menu of one of your own species. Sharks are unapologetic cannibals when opportunity strikes.

Case in point is this video from a bunch of fishermen off Louisiana. These anglers were targeting tuna when a hammerhead shark ends up on the end of their line. Before they can get the fish into the boat, a large tiger shark shows up. The next thing they know, the tiger manages to free the hammerhead from the line before dragging it into the depths to be eaten.

You could argue the hammerhead didn't stand much of a chance after a long fight tiring it out on the fisherman's line. However, the hammerhead may have ended up a snack regardless due to the size discrepancy between the two creatures.

Sharks have been on this planet for millions of years and part of the reason they have been so successful is because of their opportunistic nature like this. When the chance for an easy meal like this happens, they are quick to take advantage. They have no qualms about it being a cousin or even their own species.

This wasn't the first time a shark has stolen a fisherman's catch and we are sure it won't be the last either. Encounters like this are what made sharks into legends and are why they will continue to fascinate humans, especially anglers, for many years to come.

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