Throwback Thursday: Musky Fishing in 1984

Take a trip down memory lane in this vintage musky fishing video.

This clip is from a trip in 1984 to go catch a musky on one of the most popular musky fishing destinations in the Midwest. Lake St. Clair in Michigan is still a premier fishing location for musky, walleye and bass. However, lets take a look back and see what musky fishing was like when it was arguably the best.

It's a little unfortunate that they weren't able to pull in a musky on film for this guy's first musky. That's why it's called fishing, though. It was still very cool to see all the believer lures that have obviously seen their share of battles. The believers baits are still some of the best-performing musky lures. But I have to say, I'm so glad that the electronics have improved after watching this video!