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Three Men Catch 750-Pound Tuna Near Massachusetts

These men caught a 750-pound tuna from a lobster boat.

It's not every day a fisherman lands a big fish. Generally you have to put in hours, sweat and frustration before that big moment comes. And, even when it does, it generally isn't a 9-foot, 750-pound bluefin tuna.

Additionally, anglers Johnny Osmers, Paul McDonald and Tim Sauer didn't catch this fish after a day of trial and error; they caught it in less than an hour.

Watch the video below:

"It took line like being hooked up to a car," Osmers told the Vineyard Gazette, describing the fish's 300-yard run from their 35-foot lobster boat, Shearwater.

"It's a give and take," he said. "Sometimes it's a tug of war. Sometimes the fish is gaining on you and sometimes you're gaining on it. You never really know."

We doubt these guys will be topping this fish any time soon!

If you've caught anything this big while tuna fishing, send it our way!

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