three legged deer takes on another buck in the rut
WhiteTail Properties Instagram

3-Legged Buck Easily Takes Down More Capable Competitor in Rut Showdown

Bucks who come out ahead in the rut are usually the herd's biggest, strongest, and most impressive specimens. It's their time to shine, and they take full advantage of the opportunity to run off any challengers. In most cases, the underdog doesn't have much of a chance—but that didn't stop one little three-legged whitetail buck from giving it his all in a rut battle.

White Tail Properties posted the amazing footage to their Instagram account, showing a small-antlered, three-legged deer taking on another buck. The deer goes head to head with a four-legged deer, holding his ground perfectly. Finally, the other deer backed off. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and this video's viewers are no exception. Most were in awe of this little guy's determination. One comments, "These deer are amazingly tough! Imagine if this were people. Most would give up and quit and sit in a chair the rest of their lives! These wild animals don't have that option!!" While another would love to know more about the deer's story, writing, "I wish this deer could write a book. Incredible resilience."

Another commenter said they got a three-legged deer while they were out hunting, "I harvested a 3 legged buck, years ago during youth season, the leg had hardened over, and when I got him he came by with a doe, head down running, didn't even notice he was missing a leg until we recovered him and the rack was all goofy."  One of the other viewers attributed his toughness simply to being a whitetail deer, "I think whitetails are probably one of the tuffest (sic) and will to live animals in the woods."

Many of the hunters who commented said they've seen three-legged deer while out, and most said they give them a pass. But they love to keep track of them and see how they are doing year after year. Nature truly is a marvelous thing.

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