3 Alternative Transportation Startups That Have Our Attention

The onslaught of new electric vehicles, self-driving technologies, and artificial intelligence tools have placed the industry in a perpetual whirlwind.

From apartment friendly electric charging stations to a robot taxi, there is a startup matching every need in this new automotive age.

Here are three automotive and alternative transportation startups that have captured our imaginations in 2017.


Evercharge converts apartments, condominiums, and fleets into dedicated charging stations using its proprietary SmartPower technology.

The process starts with an on-site evaluation, signoff from your condo or homeowner's association, and installation of the charging station. With Evercharge, drivers can track electricity usage for billing and reimbursement, along with access to on-site maintenance services, insurance, support, and billing at no cost to the property's owners.


Navya, the French autonomous car startup, just release its Level 4 autonomous Autonom Cab. Also known as a "robotaxi," taxi robot" or "Uber-killer," this self-driving six-seater with 10 LiDAR devices is looking to disrupt the industry by allowing us to run our own taxi.

Running a smartphone app, users simply tap a button to watch an Autonom Cab pull up, with a second click used to open and close its door.

Look for it at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January. If all goes well, Navya will conduct field testing on a five-day tour before dispatching the Autonom Cab to shuttle Las Vegas' tourists to the land of no return.

Workhorse Group Inc.

This month, Workhorse Group Inc. debuted its hybrid electric octocopter, Surefly, a 2-seater with eight motors running dual lithium battery packs and a gas engine, producing a claimed 70-mile range and a top speed of 70-mph.

According to Workhorse Group Inc. , the octocopter will serve plenty of applications in the military, agriculture, and emergency response fields. Look for Workhouse Group Inc. to present the Surefly, plus a new electric pickup truck and van, at the January Consumer Electronics Show.