North Carolina Fish Kill
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Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in North Carolina

Causes unknown in latest mass fish killing in North Carolina.

Residents and North Carolina officials alike were surprised by the mass piling of fish on the beaches of Corolla recently. At this point the number of fish dead is unknown. A Division of Marine Fisheries spokesperson said they were piled thick in some areas and thinner elsewhere.

Samples have been collected by biologists to help determine the cause of the mass killing. Researchers couldn't find any indication of malice during an initial investigation. No boats or other vessels were found in the area.

During a helicopter flight to survey the area, the nearest vessel was a U.S. Coast Guard vessel approximately eight miles away.

Local fishermen took advantage of the opportunity to collect the dead fish as crab bait. According to officials, the last time a killing like this happened in the area was 2015. Amazingly, hundreds of thousands of fish were killed in that incident.

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