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Swordfish Hangs Out Near Surface During Visit to Marina

Swordfish Near Surface

Watch as this large swordfish tempts anglers in local marina.

There are few fish more spectacular to see in person than members of the billfish category. Their long, sword-like bills are both intimidating and beautiful. Whether it's a marlin, a sailfish or a swordfish, these large fish are truly sight to behold. Fortunately for these marina guests, they didn't even have to venture off the dock to catch a glimpse of this stunning swordfish.

Blue marlin spotted in Port Coogee Marina

YOU BEAUTY!Cast your eyes on what looks to be a beautiful blue swordfish spotted in Port Coogee Marina this morning.++WARNING - STRONG LANGUAGE++(Video: Facebook - Perth Metro Fishing (PMF)

Posted by 7 News Perth on Sunday, January 7, 2018

This video was captured in Port Coogee Marina in southwest Australia. Further reports captured the same fish surfacing in other local, high-traffic areas, too.

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Swordfish Hangs Out Near Surface During Visit to Marina