wild turkey piccata recipe
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This Wild Turkey Piccata Recipe Looks Delicious

With turkey season coming to an end, it's time to cook up some birds.

While turkey hunting attracts hunters far and wide, a lot of them don't know what to do with the meat after a harvest. Something as plain as a grilled turkey breast recipe seems almost disrespectful to such a beautiful wild animal.

Fried turkey fingers taste good, but is that all you want to do with it?

Well, you can try something else this year, as we have another mouthwatering recipe from MeatEater that only raises the bar even higher for wild-game cooking.

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Here we have a wild turkey piccata recipe that every turkey hunter has to try this year.

Watch the video below:

So as you can see, this isn't a tough dish to prepare. You start by cutting a turkey breast into three or four 1-inch-think pieces, which you'll then pound out a bit to make them nice and thin.

Then, season the pieces as much as you prefer and throw them in some all-purpose flour. Next, add olive oil to a nice, deep pan, but only enough for a nice, shallow fry.

Eventually you'll see a nice golden crisp to your fried turkey cutlets, which you'll set aside. Then to make your sauce, you'll put a little more olive oil in your pan, as well as shallots, garlic, butter, white wine, zest of lemon, finely chopped rosemary and chives, capers, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Finally, put your turkey cutlets back in the pan and stir them around for about 10 minutes and you're all set!

As you just heard, these would go great on top of a pasta or a rice for an awesome Italian dish!

How do you prepare your wild turkey?