This Waterfowl Mashup is Gold

This duck and goose hunting mashup video is bound to get you fired up for some waterfowl action.

Few things in the outdoors beats seeing greenheads circle your spread and cupping right in front of your face. Or hearing the wing beats of a goose as they drop in into your decoys. And well... this video gives you all of that and then some.

If you know Team Radical, you know they enjoy chasing monster whitetail. But sometimes the grind of the whitetail season can really start to wear on a guy. With the video cameras rolling, Team Radical and Hunting and Fishing Memes crew hit the water in hopes of laying down some birds.

What better way to take a break from the deer woods than some good old fashion waterfowl hunting?

Whether you are a die hard waterfowler or a deer hunter who finds himself in a blind for a much needed break from the tree stand, this waterfowl mashup is gold!

Hard not to watch and wish you were there.  Ducks, snows, and honkers. Feathers flying and birds dying. Simply put, a waterfowl hunters dream.

But...the break was just enough for Team Radical to get their second wind. They will be back to chasing whitetail on food plots from here on out.

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