This Volvo’s Door Chime Sound is Africa By Toto

Its owner hopes to bring door chime technology to your car.

607K-subscriber YouTube music channel 8 Bit Universe brings us this video of the world's only Volvo 240 with a custom door chime.

The car's owner, Chris Ng, programmed it to play an 8-bit rendition of the 80s hit "Africa" by Toto, long a memed favorite for being the best song ever made.

Chris built a custom relay that plugs directly into his Volvo's wiring harness, replacing the stock door chime with a more whimsical melody. The video demonstrates how the song begins playing every time the key is turned, continuing for as long as the door chime is active.

Inspired by the popularity of this video, Chris has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a full line of fully-customizable door chime devices.

His plan is to make a universal product, called Chopstick Door Chimes, that would plug into any vehicle. With over $11,000 raised of the time of this writing, this novelty item may soon become a reality.

What sound would you want your door chime play?