This Truck Bed System Will Make Your Life as an Outdoorsman Much Easier

If you love the outdoors, this is the ultimate organizer for your pickup truck.

We're always looking out for fellow outdoorsmen, and thought we'd share the one thing you can add to your truck to make things easier on yourself.

There's nothing more frustrating than when you're about to go hunting or fishing and you realize you're missing something. You know you're going to end up tearing your whole truck apart until you find it. Want a way to avoid that?

The new DECKED Truck Bed Storage System is designed to keep all your gear organized. This way, you know exactly where to find that lighter for your campfire or your hunting license that always seems to fall under the seat.

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This system is made out of 100% recycled materials, right here in the U.S. The construction is created with super-strong HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with an in-molded galvanized steel sub-frame skeleton.

It features two drawers, each with a 200-pound capacity, that slide out at waist level. Each drawer also locks and closes behind the tailgate, so you don't have to worry about someone stealing your valuables.

It's easy to install and remove it, because it affixes to your truck's bed tie downs. There's no drilling to worry about. The entire system weighs only about 220 pounds, so won't compromise your vehicle payload.

Drain plugs are also available for the drawers if you ever fill them with ice or anything else that could leave water behind.

The entire toolbox is weatherproof, keeping all your gear dry in even the toughest of conditions. And, it can support up to 2,000 pounds of weight, so you don't have to worry about what you're putting on top.

Another cool feature is the ability to customize your toolbox. For example, you can purchase tie downs for any larger loads you might be hauling, or a "D-Box," which fits perfectly within the drawers to separate your items.

DECKED also offers rack mounts that bolt into your toolbox to make your truck compatible with Thule and Yakima rack systems.

These storage systems make life way easier for outdoorsmen without sacrificing too much of their truck beds. Where some space is lost, utility and accessories bridge the gap!

Check out the DECKED site to see more.