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This Secret Deer Call Could Bag You a Deer

deer call
Facebook: Will Ziegler

Whitetails are vocal. If your season isn't going as planned, you may want to give this secret call a chance.

Hunting is a game of chess with your prey. You strategize and plan and use tools to give yourself advantages. A deer call can sometimes help you succeed. Grunt, bleat, snort, wheeze, just to name a few.

But this call might be the ticket that lands you a booner this winter.

Watch the video below:

A good deer call can make a huge difference in your hunt.

Posted by Will Ziegler on Friday, November 11, 2016

Ok, probably not, but with a hunting world that is always so serious, it is awesome to see this kind of humor.

It is nearly impossible to watch that video and not at least crack a smile. Going to stretch and go out on a limb to guess he didn't see a deer any time soon after using that call.

The only bright spot, and I mean only, about this call is that it is cheap. Free ninety free to be exact. With a surplus of overpriced items on the market, that is hard to come by.

Good luck in the deer woods, but we advise you leave this call in the bag of tricks for now.



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This Secret Deer Call Could Bag You a Deer