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This Scene Will Make Any Elk Hunter's Heart Skip a Beat

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What would you do if this happened while you were hunting in the Rocky Mountains?

While there are those who are perhaps most fortunate in life, not all of us live out west. For most of us, even seeing an elk would be a life-changing experience.

Elk hunting is typically more of a bucket list item someone will try once if ever, simply because of pricey out-of-state permits and travel expenses.

However, even someone who hunts every day of the Colorado elk gseason will probably never see something like this. This wouldn't just qualify as someone's lucky day; this is more like an elk hunter's equivalent of winning the Mega Millions.

Watch the video below:

So, let's start with the most difficult question. If you had one bull elk tag and you were in range to take a shot, how would you decide which of these monsters to harvest?

Not only is every single one of these a shooter, but it also seems like there could be more coming and they're all walking right toward the camera.

How could any hunter control heart rate or breathing at a time like this?

Perhaps a more pressing question would be how do you even get a clean shot with how tightly these bulls are grouped?

Could you imagine seeing this and not being able to even take a shot? Would you ever again be able to sleep at night?

This truly is the beauty of big-game animals, though, as by simply existing, they can offer some of nature's most exhilarating displays.



This Scene Will Make Any Elk Hunter's Heart Skip a Beat