Puppy's Screams Will Rip Your Heart Out, But There's a Happy Ending

WARNING: the beginning of this video is tough to watch.

If you can brave your way through it, though, you'll be so glad you did. It has a happy ending, promise!

Animal Aid received a call for help about a puppy with a mangled ear. The rescue team responded immediately.

They found the puppy hiding behind some bushes on an empty lot. He was shaking like a leaf and clearly in distress. His bloody ear was causing him immense pain. He screamed as a rescue team member approached him and covered him with a blanket. The rescuer gently scooped him up as he cried out in pain and terror.

The puppy was loaded into the rescue truck and rushed back to the Animal Aid shelter. There, he was sedated right away, and caretakers carefully cleaned and examined his damaged ear, which was almost completely torn off.

Veterinarians determined that the ear would need to be surgically removed to give the puppy, named Banjo, the best chance at a normal life.

Banjo was prepped for surgery and moved into the operating room. After a successful operation and two weeks of healing, he was a brand new boy!

Thanks to Animal Aid, Banjo is now a carefree, healthy, and sprightly puppy. He can look forward to a full and happy life at the Animal Aid sanctuary, where he will spend his days in the company of other rescued street animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless efforts on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can contribute to help save precious lives.

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