This No-Sweat, Adjustable Bow is the Perfect Fit for Families at Under $400

Bear Archery has made the bow press a thing of the past. This bow can be set up for any man, woman or child with almost zero effort. 

Finding a bow more than one person can shoot isn't easy. Every bowhunter has a different draw length. Adults can handle more draw weight than children can. As a result, whenever you set yourself up with a bow, you set it up yourself and no one else. If you want to change the draw length, you have to use a bow press, which is not cheap and is a hassle.

Introducing the Cruzer G2 from Bear Archery. The cool thing about this bow is that anyone can shoot it, literally. With a draw weight range of 5-70 pounds, this versatile bow will accommodate just about any hunter, no matter his or her age, size, or level of experience. The draw length, adjustable without a bow press, ranges from 12-30 inches.

Check out the first minute or so of video to see what it looks like and hear about the features:

This is exciting for us. We've never seen a quality compound bow at this price point that can truly be used to share your passion for bowhunting with any family member or friend. It's great if you have two kids of different ages, a few grandkids, or one of those teenagers who seems to grow about two feet per week. A boy can use this bow until he becomes a young man, and after that, too.

$399 gets you the bow as part of Bear's RTH (Ready to Hunt) package, which means it comes already outfitted with Trophy Ridge accessories, including a four-pin sight, a whisker biscuit, a five-arrow quiver, a peep sight and a nock loop. So, all you need to buy is arrows and a release before you're ready to hit the woods.

The Cruzer G2 features EnduraFiber™ limbs, which allow for flexibility in draw weight and length. It also comes with SonicStops™ and SonicKnots™ to control string vibration, as well as a DrawDial™ for quick, easy adjustments.

Cruzer G2 Specifications:

Photo Courtesy of Bear Archery

  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Brace Height: 6 1/2 inches
  • Axle-to-axle: 30 inches
  • Let-off: 70 percent
  • Peak draw weight: 5-70 pounds
  • Draw length range: 12-30 inches

You can check out the product page at Bear Archery's website. Also, for more cool stuff, follow Bear Archery on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.