Sitka Womens Waterfowl
Images via Sitka Gear

This New Sitka Women's Waterfowl Gear Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time

We got a close look at the new Sitka women's waterfowl system and were left impressed and encouraged.

Dedicated female hunting gear (that actually performs) is past being needed, it's essential. Anyone who thinks women in the sport of hunting is anything but a good thing needs to get with the program.

Sitka Gear seems to mirror that sentiment, and made it known with a system of waterfowl hunting clothing specifically made for females. They debuted it at the 2019 SHOT Show, and we got to take a look at the set up while we were there, taking in the latest and greatest outdoor and shooting gear in the market.

If the crowd and buzz around the Sitka Gear booth was any indication, this is going to be popular stuff among hunters without a Y chromosome.

Brett Seng/Sitka Gear

The line will feature jackets, pants, base layers, and accessories. The Hudson Jacket and Bibs look like they will be the highlight, marking the first female-dedicated duck and goose hunting gear from Sitka to date.

All together there will be 13 new products.

Everything will be available to buy in the summer of 2019 and feature the Gore Optifade Waterfowl Marsh camo pattern, with some items said to be available in solid colors as well.

The Cadence Hoodie and Hunting Pants will feature water-resistant insulation and comfort-stretch fleece. The Fahrenheit Jacket and Dakota Vest will come with Gore-Tex Infinium with special Windstopper Technology, and there will be moisture-wicking base layers designed to meet the requirements women have been asking for.

In other words, every detail that Sitka put into their men's technical hunting clothes has gone into this line. You can tell there were a lot more hours of research put into these designs than females have seen on their gear in the past.

Two styles of gloves a several hats will be included.

"A waterfowl system is the next step in offering our female customers a full line of products to enhance their hunting experiences," said Jim Saubier, Sitka's Waterfowl Product Line Manager, when the gear was officially announced. "Each new product was designed with specific textiles and features that allow hunters to integrate them as a layering system or wear them separately based on weather conditions."

Prices will range from $499 for the Hudson Jacket and $499 for the Bibs, to $169 for the Cadence Hoodie and lower for the accessories.

We shouldn't need to act surprised when high quality women's gear hits the shelves, but it's worth acknowledging who's doing it, and whether or not they're doing it right.

It's certainly not the first Sitka women's line, as they've already shown they can excel in the category with their Women's Downpour Jacket or Women's Equinox Pants. Those were only available in big game hunting camo patterns, like Sitka's Optifade Subalpine or Elevated II.

But the mere fact that they're expanding, because a market of female hunters is demanding it, makes a good amount of sense.