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This Man Will Probably Never Get in a Kayak Again

There are much, much better places to observe marine wildlife than in a one-man kayak.

If you're looking to get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the world's largest organisms, nothing will give you a more intimate encounter than a kayak. As you're about to see, however, a kayak can also get you a little too close.

You've probably seen some of the videos that highlight kayak fishermen that hook into a fish bigger than their boat, whether that's a big game fish or a large predator, such as a shark.

But it's not every day you see someone trusting their balance in a tippy kayak as a massive orca whale breaches mere inches away.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:


First and foremost, props to this guy for not exploding into an all-out panic. As much as I'd love to say I could stay calm, cool and collected in this scenario, I'm almost positive I would've flipped myself right out of the kayak and into the water with the whale.

Additionally, this guy's luck that tail fluke didn't come down and splash him overboard. In fact, if it did, it probably would've come crashing down on the actual boat, considering the angle in which the whale breached.

On the bright side, few people can say they've ever been this close to a wild animal of this size at any point in their lives. But, I'm sure he would prefer to enjoy a moment like this from a whale-watching tour boat going forward.

Have you ever been this close to marine mammal of this size? Have you ever seen something like this in a kayak?

Let us know!

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