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Little Bird's Q-Tip Massage Gives New Meaning to Relaxation

Believe it or not, it's possible to be TOO relaxed. Need proof? Look no further.

If I worked in Q-tip's marketing department, my first, second and last priority this year would be making this little bird the company's top spokesperson (erm, spokes-bird?).

When it came time for a relaxing massage, the only items needed were two, clean Q-tips. This little bird's luxurious rubdown began on the sides of his head, moved between his eyes, and eventually worked to the sweep spot: under his beak. Being too relaxed is never a crime, but if it were, this bird tops the list as America's Most Wanted Bird.

Question: What's tiny, adorable, and goes plop?

Answer: This guy.

It's probably safe to say most of us who have spent any time at all on a massage table can relate to this little bird's struggle to keep it together. Fortunately for us, though, the possibility of failure is built in to the experience, so we start where this little guy ends up (read: not on our feet).

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This article was originally published May 8, 2017.

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