lab uses duck call

This Lab Blows a Duck Call Better Than His Owner

Bet you've never see a duck hunting dog do this before!

The Labrador retriever has gradually become the face of duck hunting, and not by mistake. These dogs lead the way in terms of holding, swimming, finding downed birds and retrieving.

However, if these qualities weren't enough to make you want one, what if we told you there's a lab who can even call in a wood duck for you?

It's a little hard to tell if it's actually the lab working the duck call, or if it's a person sitting behind the camera, but are these duck sounds good or what?

Check it out for yourself:

So, what do you think? Is it possible that a dog was actually making all those different sounds? The echo kind of throws off the sound a little, making it difficult to be sure.

No matter who it is working this acrylic call, though, we do know this isn't their first time. If it is the dog, and it really can call ducks, how do you think it would fair on a low-end goose call? Do you think it could make call sounds this good?

Someone call Duck Dynasty!