kid gives fishing advice
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This Kid Will Tell You Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Fishing

This little guy just has a way with words, doesn't he?

Sometimes it isn't the wisdom from an old-timer that answers all your questions, but rather the unbiased genius of a rookie.

That's right, this kid give is out here dropping bombs of knowledge on all of us, and he has the results to back it up. It doesn't hurt that he has that nice-and-easy way of talking with a thick southern accent, which as we all know is the ticket to getting your own fishing show on television.

Take a look at a kid who seemingly has all the answers already, and isn't too shy to share them with the world.

Watch the video below:

To kick this off, we have to point out his catch, right? What a nice bass!

Additionally, we have to point out that he's doing all the right things with this fish. He's holding it correctly, making sure it gets enough water for him to finish the video and accurately pointing out all the different elements of the fish's anatomy.

You also have to love how serious this little guy takes his airtime, as he clearly has an issue when his dad tries to get him to put the fish back.

"Why?" he asks. "I'm trying to talk about fish!"

You have to love how immediately after that conversation takes place, he just goes right back into his routine!

This is the fishing guide we all wish we had on our boat. Not only will he keep you on your toes, but you might just learn something, too!

Congrats to this little man on an awesome catch and some great tips!