This Kid Definitely Isn't Scared of a Little Recoil

Do you like the recoil of a 12-gauge shotgun?

Well, apparently this kid does, and one single shot isn't enough for him.

Watch the video below to see a then-12-year-old boy who's ready to rock a fully automatic Saiga 12 Shotgun.

YouTuber aRiZ2008 shared this video of a young man blasting through a full MD-20 drum magazine containing 20 shotgun shells. This full-auto shotgun is a little more to handle than your typical 12-gauge Mossberg semi-auto or pump-action shotgun.

These days we hear about recoil-shy shooters, like the one who said the low-power .223-caliber rifle cartridge from an AR-15 traumatized him.

However, this young shooter has no problems whatsoever with this harder-kicking Saiga 12-gauge. I doubt you can shoot 12-gauge shells this quickly out of your home-defense, semi-automatic shotgun.

Hats off to this young man who's found a lot of joy shooting, and the same to his parents for raising him the right way. We welcome you to the ranks of gun enthusiasts and hunters in the U.S.A. who continue to exercise our Second Amendment rights. Stay safe and enjoy many years of fun in shooting sports at the gun range.

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