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This is Why Everyone Wants to Go Flyfishing for Tarpon

This is exactly why you need to go flyfishing for tarpon and get it off of your bucket list.

Here is some aerial footage of some incredible tarpon fishing, and in more ways than one. First, from a drone's point of view, the take of the fisherman's offering can be seen from the air above the boat. But once the silver king has it and realizes its mistake, the footage becomes the stuff of legend.

It's absolutely insane how fast the lead fish takes the fly, turns, and is gone 30-yards, coming out of the water multiple times. But that's not enough: the fish is right at the boat when it strikes!

This is the kind of footage that we love to share. Check out the strike, the run, and the incredible leap, and then we'll discuss tactics.

Here's the video:

Generally, a 10-weight "buggy whip" rod is a go-to for many stalkers of the silver king. It's easy to cast and can be used for the duration of the day without as much fatigue.

For a reel, many of the pros use the Nautilus system as they are powerful, smooth as heck, and even looks amazing. A good fluorocarbon leader at a minimum 40-50-pound test works well and is the choice of many veteran fishing guides.

For the fly: depending on the time of the year a fox or rabbit fur offering that imitates the coral reef 'worm' hatch is a top contender.

All in all, chasing tarpon is something that we have on our bucket list, but the first order of business should be locating the right guide for you, and here's a good place to start.

Good luck, and good fishing!

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