This is What the Heartland Wears On Their Feet

The rugged of spirit and relentless of heart, that's who these boots are built for.

The Heartland would agree: If you invest your time and sweat and it doesn't lead to a "job well done," it just isn't worth doing.

It's called America's backbone. But a backbone can't function without dry, comfortable feet supporting it every step of the way.

If you're working your ranch before sunrise, wading through icy ponds to reach a duck blind, or shoveling a night of fresh snowfall from the driveway, you're not in the mood for compromise.

Farmers. Ranchers. Outdoorsmen. Laborers. It's no coincidence the boots they wear are a lot like them: Relied on every day, then ready for more the next morning.

These are the people who need boots made specifically for them—boots built to take whatever life dishes out.

Eric Nestor, a Wide Open Spaces Senior Writer, got straight to the heart of the matter: "When your boots fail to keep your feet dry or when they offer bad traction, a day on the farm can turn bad quickly," he said. Nestor cares for quite a few chickens on his homestead, and mentioned that wearing inferior footwear while tending to them can be a nightmare. 

Another Wide Open Spaces Senior Writer, Craig Raleigh, shared his thoughts. "When I'm outside cutting wood or working with the land I want a relaxed, snug fit that doesn't even feel like it's there," he said. 

We all share their sentiment. A great pair of boots don't need to just work, they need to be perfect for the task at hand.