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What Happens When You Mix Technology with Nature? A Levitating Bird

security camera floating bird

A bird caught on a security camera flaps its wings to the same frame rate as the camera, making it appear as though the bird is floating in midair.

Several homeowners are using security cameras to protect their homes while they are away. The security camera on this home, however, caught something quite neat. A bird had flown in front of the lens of the security camera, and while it did, something unusual happened. The frame rate of the camera matched up perfectly with the speed of the bird flapping its wings.

Many security cameras range from one or two frames per second to 60 or more. There is no saying what this camera's frame rate was set at, but whatever it was, it resulted in a fantastic coincidence.

Check it out below:

If they didn't know much about camera frame rates at the time, I can only imagine what the first thoughts going through the homeowner's mind would have been! A very unique and cool sample of technology meeting nature.

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Here's some cool footage of a different sort:

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What Happens When You Mix Technology with Nature? A Levitating Bird