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Bald Eagle's 'Snatch and Grab' Captured in Stunning Slo-Mo Footage

"That will be one fillet-o-fish to go, please."

Ashton Phillips caught more than just fish while working the waters of Kyuquotm British Columbia, June 16. While out with his cousin and uncle, he captured something far more rewarding - a bald eagle, swooping stealthily out of the air, and snatching up a salmon fillet clean off the outboard engine.

The group had decided to strip up a fresh salmon to use as bait to target halibut. While in a quiet cove, numerous bald eagles were spotted flying around, which the Vancouver resident thought was pretty neat. That's when it happened.

With his camera out to take scenery shots, Phillips suddenly watched an eagle make a bee-line to the boat from shore. The bird gracefully swooped in to steal the salmon, but not before our lucky angler hit the slo-mo feature to capture both the approach - and snatch and grab.

Here's Phillips' incredible capture:

What an incredible capture! I don't think I'd be too upset over losing a salmon fillet to experience that rare and exciting moment.

One lingering question for this bird though: don't you want some fries with that?!

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Bald Eagle's 'Snatch and Grab' Captured in Stunning Slo-Mo Footage