AIR Responder
Facebook/Wise Technology

This is the AIR Responder, a Unique Rescue Craft Built Around a Snowmobile

The AIR Responder is the latest thing in ice and cold water rescue. Here's a great look at what it is and what it can do.

The AIR Responder (Amphibious Ice Rescue) is an innovation whose time has come. For first responders in cold water and ice rescue, this new and amphibious craft will be instrumental in getting rescue teams to victims quickly and safely.

Why, yes, that is a snowmobile on the top!

Check it out right here:

"It's a hybrid craft combining a regular snowmobile with a uniquely designed hull."

Surface conditions seem to no longer be an issue with the AIR Responder!

Saying that "open water, ice, or anything in between is no longer a problem," WISE Technology LLC has started the process of getting the AIR Responder to rescue teams so that they can get to those in need.

One great part of this is that many departments around the country may already have snowmobiles as equipment making it only necessary to acquire the AIR Responder itself. It's amazingly stable and looks easy to use; the guy at the 30-second mark was traveling in shorts!

Leave that to the pros for now, and be happy that your local rescue might get one of these.