This is Exactly How Not to Load a Boat

Watch until the end and you will not be disappointed. How not to load a boat at it's finest.

Hunting or fishing with a boat, you are bound to eventually have some good stories on it. Boats seem to always lead to something. And for every nine successful trips with a boat, there is always that one that goes south in a hurry.

If you own a boat or have a friend who has one, you know exactly what I am talking about and have many stories that are coming to mind now.

Now although they have probably done this exact thing a hundred times without any issues, this particular attempt of loading the boat was not... so smooth.

Check out the video here:

All seemed to be going as planned until the truck moves forward and the trailer exits the water. Before the two men in the boat knew what had happened, they were on the ground wondering what they were doing out of the boat.

Left with nothing to do but keep filming and laugh, their buddy was there to catch it all on film and have it to play back for years to come.

Boats... I tell ya.

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