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This Girl Is Unstoppable, Hooking Fish After Fish

If you’re looking to be hooking fish nonstop, you better get to Florida.

In this video you’ll get to to amazing highlights from a recent trip to the Sunshine State, where hooking fish is easy as pie.

For Luiza and the crew, hooking fish after fish is no big deal, especially since they’ve got the skills and the tools for the job.

According to the Youtube user, they caught “Sheepshead, Amberjacks, Seabass, Grouper, and even Red Snapper all in one day.” That’s a day most anglers could only dream about.

Did you see how many fish were circling their bait? There must have been half a dozen monsters waiting for their chance at a free meal.

Luiza Barros was the star of this video and she’s an accomplished angler making videos and hooking lunkers in and around Florida. Now that you’ve seen how awesome the fishing is in Florida there’s only one thing left to figure out, when will you be going.


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This Girl Is Unstoppable, Hooking Fish After Fish