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Landing a High-Flying Florida Keys Sailfish with Luiza

florida keys sailfish

Luiza and Capt. Jimmy are back, and this time, a hard-fighting and acrobatic sailfish is on the end of the line.

Whenever Luiza releases a new video, we just have to watch. And really, what's not to love about these clips? Amazing locales, hard-fighting fish, and a true love and go get 'em attitude when it comes to all things fishing.

Who could forget this lunker Louisiana redfish Luiza landed? Or the Mexican roosterfish her and Jimmy teamed up on? Well if you loved those two videos, you're definitely going to enjoy this one.

Luiza and Capt. Jimmy are live-bait trolling along the edge of grass mats aboard Capt. Dave Jones boat out of Islamorda, Florida. It doesn't take long before Luiza hooks up, and it's a bruiser.

That sure looked like quite a thrill, didn't it? Personally, I've never caught a sailfish, but I sure have the itch after watching that fun-filled fight!

Thanks for the cool videos, Luiza and Capt. Jimmy. We can't wait to see the next.


Landing a High-Flying Florida Keys Sailfish with Luiza